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Level Mount - Compatible with Milwaukee Packout

Level Mount - Compatible with Milwaukee Packout

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  • LEVEL MOUNTS: Compatible with all versions of Milwaukee Packout system that have aluminum rails along the side. Hold levels up to 2.8” wide and up to 1.5” deep. Set screw is included to ensure levels stay secure while traveling. An additional slot was added to also mount squares, straight edge, tools, etc.
  • 6061 ALUMINUM: Ditch the weak plastic versions for something that will last as long as your Packout will. No more drilling holes into your Packout to mount. This version utilizes set screws that won’t damage the aluminum rails.
  • INCLUDES HARDWARE: These mounts come with everything you need to install (except tools). You will receive the top and bottom, 6061 aluminum level mounts and two, 5mm set screws. The main compartment measures: 2.8” x 1.5”. The secondary, outside slot measures: 2.8” x 0.25”.
  • STAY ORGANIZED: Keep levels of all sizes, squares, straight edges, various tools with belt clips, and more in exactly the right spot. No more juggling all your tools to get to the next jobsite.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Installation is quite easy but will vary depending on the Packout system used. Simply remove the aluminum rail from the Packout, slide the mount over the rail, reinstall the rail, and then tighten the set screw when the mount is in the desired location. Please see the instructions page for detailed installation instructions.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews

    This is a must-have for the milwaukee packout. I used to last my level across the handle of the packout when taking to a job site but 9/10 times I'd go through a gate and my 4 foot level wouldn't fit sideways, this solved that issue. 100% recommend this.

    Kyle Tate
    Great option

    Works great for keeping my squares organized and tucks away nicely...A+

    Karen Blanck
    Level mount

    Purchased the level mount and couldn’t be more pleased. High quality, easy to install (used a standard hair dryer and screwdriver to remove rails…very easy to do). The mount itself appears to be very sturdy…very glad I went with the aluminum over some of the plastic ones I’ve seen. I anticipate this will hold up very well to bumps and knocks. In fact I think the mount is most likely sturdier than the OM rails themselves.

    Steven F Jenkins
    Great addition

    One of the drawbacks to the Milwaukee pack out is a 24" level will not fit in the boxes. This product solves that, super easy to install and works with a variety of levels (thin and thick).

    Dale Brown
    Alpha Level Mount

    Another high quality mounting system for any size level and your carpenters square as well, holds both very securely and keeps the from being damaged while being stored or transported to the next job.
    Will order another set tomorrow.